In recent years, LUXI group has gradually improved its sales network, which covers 32 provinces and cities in China。 We launched B2B E-business platform and established online China Fertilizer Mall。 In order to explore the International market, LUXI established International Trade Department which consists of Europe R&D Center, Beijing Office, Shanghai Office, LUXI Qingdao Logistic Company, LUXI Europe branch, Formic Acid Department,Fine Chemicals Department, Chlorides Department,Engineering Plastics Department,Basic Chemicals Department, Solvent Chemicals Department,New Energy Department。Our products are sold to over 108 countries and areas such as the U。S。A。, Russia, Brazil, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan and Turkey。 The imports and exports volume is increasing year by year。 Along with constant development of new  products and continuous reduction of cost, LUXI will increase its product varieties and quantities and seize larger and larger share in the world market。

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