LUXI Engineering
LUXI Engineering Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of LUXI GROUP, which is involved in engineering, technology R&D, chemical equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and commissioning. In recent years, the company has constructed more than 50 projects with total revenue of over 13 billion RMB. It is a large engineering company with strong construction capabilities and abundant experience in project construction, operation and management. LUXI Engineering includes Equipment Company, Design Institute and Research Institute. 
The Equipment Company currently has over 3500 employees including more than 700 professionals and over 130 senior technicians. It has the qualification to design and manufacture high and super high pressure vessels (A1 Class), low and medium pressure vessels (A2 Class) and spherical tanks (A3 Class). In addition to ASME Certification, it has also acquired qualification of boiler installation as well as the qualification to install, renovate and repair pipelines for gas, heat and toxic and inflammable fluid (GC1, GB1, GB2 pipelines). It has capabilities and experience of designing and fabricating large chemical equipment such as ammonia converters, urea synthesizers and benzene hydrogenation reactors and Oxo-synthesis reactors. It also possesses the technology to manufacture equipment of special alloys such as Zirconium, Titanium and Nickel. 
The Research Institute consists of seven technical research and development organizations including Academician Workstation, Post-doctoral Workstation, Europe R&D Center and Shandong Oxo-synthesis Technical Center. 
The Design Institute has over 200 employees and has gained A-class design qualification for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the design qualification of GC1, GB1 GB2 pipelines. It has remarkable capability and experience in large project design, and possesses many core engineering technologies and proprietary technology packages. 
We provide following production technology through EPC as well as technology package transfer:

1.Production technology of formic acid
2.Production technology of sodium formate
3.Production technology of perchlorethylene
4.Production technology of methane chloride
5.Production technology of benzyl chloride
6.Production technology of chlorosulfonic acid
7.Production technology of nitric acid
8.Production technology of urea, syngas and H2S exhaust gas treatment
9.Production technology of caprolactam
Beijing Office
Contact:Mr. John Zhang
Tel.: +86(0)10 6569 1202 
Fax: +86(0)10 6569 1202

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